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GeekGamer.TV is the combination of hard work, authentic attitude, fun and countless hours of hard work since 2005 when it all started with Hoser Chat.   Personally working to make this a fun place for gamers and geeks alike and to have a place to come and hang out, discuss their favorite things and have a great time has been a dream. 🙂  It’s all about community for us and remaining as pure as possible, and while having fun.

Over the past couple of years, working ever slowly and diligently, we are starting to produce some awesome content for the internet!  Thanks to all the listeners and viewers from around the world!

As time passes, the costs to provide this awesome content is ever increasing (server, bandwidth, etc) so we ask that you if you have truly enjoyed our content, consider becoming a monthly supporter and use our referral links when you do your online shopping on the net.

Even though we might have the occasional sponsor on a show, your support will allow us to keep those to a minimum, and continue bringing excellent content to the network.

Thanks for supporting and investing toward GeekGamer.TV – Hopefully someday I will be able to take this full time. 🙂
– Chase

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