Getting Back Into Pinball Streaming and Life

With my recent announcement in getting back into Pinball Streaming, I want to take this opportunity to address the ongoing rumor and stories that seem to come up when I start getting back involved with Pinball, Streaming and the community in general or when Pinburgh comes around.

Back in 2012, I was starting to push further my passion on podcasting and internet streaming. During the summer, I had access to a LiveU unit that allows you to broadcast basically from anywhere with a cell connection. I had it to use to cover E3 2012, but before I took off to Los Angeles to cover the event, we broadcasted a few games at the NW Pinball Championships in Marysville with Bowen on the microphone we saw one of the most epic games of Jackbot ever.

During that summer of 2012 conversations were in motion to broadcast Pinburgh 2013 and the PAPA Circuit Finals.

PAPA was very kind to help cover the shipping costs of my broadcast computer to PA. Via the Airplane I brought my Sound Board and other equipment. Bowen, Mark, Anastasia and Kevin were all very helpful in making the Circuit Final broadcast a success. It was the first and while there were technical issues, it worked and many people got to see Danielle Accieari have an incredible run. Hell, even during the broadcast, I joked that we would have a stream for the Pinburgh 2013 finals (if I wasn’t in them….) hahah. Well I was….I made it into C Division Finals and ended up winning it. It was truly a dream come true. Until I looked at the footage from the computer for the finals.

Audio and video were all messed up on the local recordings. I tried and failed to get them from Twitch and UStream archives. *I was not a partner on these platforms back then – and archived broadcasts were automatically deleted after 7 days….then the rumors started.

People were thinking that I was “holding on to this video”, not wanting to release it. (even though I released ALL the Circuit Finals video, the Marathon phase and even helped produce the kickstarter video with my camera and audio equipment.)

As I have mentioned many many many many times before to all I don’t have it. I’m sorry, but I’m not “holding it hostage”, or to the highest bidder. Believe me, I wish I had it to release, but I don’t.

I also posted on Facebook (year after year) this:


I don’t know if Mark (Anastasia Steinman) tagging for her) might have it recorded “the old way” as I know the cameras above the machines were recording (or I thought they were). In any event, please spread the word. I DON’T FUCKING HAVE IT” and “The local recordings (the ones on the Mac) were unusable. Shots, video and audio was out of sync. Just unusable.

The video that you probably saw and viewed was from Twitch.TV’s archive and not from “my server”. I tried and failed to pull that video from that website. I even worked with Twitch support (behind the scenes) to see if I could get the files that were on their server, to no avail.If I had it (which again, I don’t) I would of released it the same way I released the Circuit Final videos. For Free and without charge.

I did it to further pinball and to show people what I can do.”

While PAPA and myself might of had a “falling out”, I wish whole heartedly that I could of continued to work with them. Both sides are in disagreements of how things (after the tournament) went down.

In June of 2013 I lost a job that I was at, and many other things started to fall apart personally. In employment, my wifes health, my dogs, financially, etc. A lot of that led to some short and bad communications with PAPA, Mark and others in the pinball arena.

My personal goal is to get pieces of my life back in order. Employment, spouse, dog, etc.

I’m hoping someday we can all work it out. I guess time will tell.


My life got really bad in the years after this – I lost my job, my wife was in the hospital for sometime, developed clinical depression and I was on the verge of losing my home. – People would send me e-mails that accused me of holding on to this video, harassing me since they put money into the KickStarter for items they never got, said I should NEVER do video again, etc. It comes up every year since Pinburgh 2013. No one from PAPA has backed me up on this – made no official statement and let the rumors simmer.  It got to the point for me to enter counseling to help deal with the stress of this and the other things that were happening in my life.

I’m happy to say that I’m feeling much better. My wife, job and home are secure and thanks to counseling I’m pushing myself back into the arena that at one point gave me so much happiness – Pinball and Pinball Streaming.

However, I was reminded today as I write this that some people still feel that “I should just release the video, before I get back into it”, etc.

So, please let the above stand for the record – I don’t have this video, I worked hard on getting it and I really love pinball and broadcasting. Doing Pinburgh 2013 really helped get the ball rolling in Pinball Streaming and now EVERYONE is doing it and doing a damn good job at it. I want to get back involved but with this cloud hovering over my head and people talking behing my back is hard to do.

I have always been very helpful to Pinball in general. Voluteering where I can to help (SPL, VRPA), etc. All I ask is that you consider all I have done for Pinball as a record of WHO I AM as a person. I love it, I love broadcasting and I want to do one of my passions, but it makes it very hard if people spread these untrue rumors about me. Yes, I know I can ignore them (or try to), but it’s better for my personal health to try to confront them and address it once and for all.

I ask that you share this – please. If you have questions, please contact me and I will try to address them all.

Thank you for reading.


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