Chase Nunes

From the time I was very little, I used to record myself with friends on a crude, small, tape recorder, acting like I was an announcer on a talk radio show.  Taking fake calls, having fun and messing around, I knew that one day I wanted to do that.  As time went by, my attention went to other areas, school, video games and life in general.  I knew that some day I would come back to it, and 8 years ago I did.

I got my main inspiration from Leo Laporte, following him from the ZDTV and TechTV days.  When he went into podcasting and started “Revenge of the Screen Savers”, I knew that technology has made it possible to be “that kid of my youth” and start something of my own.  I have been doing this now for over 8 years, and I am very passionate about podcasting, gaming, technology and taking it to the next level.  That level in really pushing GeekGamer.TV into a place for people of all ages can come together as a community and enjoy gaming.   Thanks for stopping by….it means a lot!

GGTV Resume:

  • Founder/CEO of GeekGamer.TV
  • Host of Geek Gamer Weekly, Wirecasting, AppView, Minecraft Me….I guess I will stop now…:)
  • Produced every once of content on the site…and my fingers are tired!
  • Love Cats and Dogs
  • Addicted to Pinball and Fuel Economy


More to be added soon!  (as I find back links!)


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