Big Fly Baseball

I have a big love of baseball, so when I saw the Metal Head Software booth and Big Fly Baseball, I knew I needed to stop off and take some batting practice!  Special thanks to Scott for taking the time to talk with us!

BigFly Baseball is an easy to pick up, competitive yet not-so-serious take on America’s pastime. It mixes a friendly attitude with game mechanics designed to inspire ferocious competition. The game brings to the table a light-hearted but respectful treatment of the sport of baseball in a smaller and more digestible package than the current crop of simulation games.


  • An easy-to-pickup, unlicensed arcade baseball game
  • Taking advantage of being unlicensed with goofy (customizable) fictional characters and stadiums
  • In many ways, a spiritual descendant of classic games like Baseball Stars, Baseball Simulator and RBI Baseball
  • Not a professional sports simulation/fantasy – more geared towards mainstream gamers that aren’t necessarily hardcore sports fans
  • Focused on local multiplayer and fast arcade gameplay, including a leaderboard scoring system, 4-player local play, and power-ups
  • Backed under the hood by a respectable baseball simulation – ‘hardcore’ mode exists for those looking to play without power-ups

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