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GeekGamer.TV Minecraft Server Status:

Server Status:  Open to the Public!    

Server Address:  mcserver.geekgamer.tv:25565 (Current Version) – old.minecraftme.com (1.7.5 ONLY)

Grief Protection Mod enabled.  Claim Areas.

Server Mode:  Survival – Easy Mode

Server Version:  Any 1.8 version – Map reset on 6/7/2015

Claims Expire Dates:  

  • 60 Days – Claims will expire if the user has not logged in to server within the last 60 days from the time the claim is made.

Claim Block Earning:

  • 100 Blocks Per Hour for a limit of 160,000 Claim Blocks.  Once a player goes AFK after 5 minutes, blocks with stop being earned.   Any player who use a macro or other hack to circumvent the AFK timer is subject to a rules violation and will lose all claim blocks earned.
  • Server Veterans (those who have played on the server in the past) will start with 1500 blocks, all others start with 100 blocks.

Special Notes:

  • Once you tame a horse, the horse is yours, and you will not be allowed to interact with a tamed horse that is not yours.
  • Horses that are tethered to a post, will remain tethered, unless there is a restart of the server.  So, tether at your own risk. 🙂

Any violation of any rule can range from 1 week suspension to a lifetime ban from all public servers provided by GeekGamer.TV 

Main Map Server Rules – In no order of importance. 🙂

If you have questions about these rules, please post them in our Forums!

1) No griefing!

This includes intentional damage and “accidents”. If you accidentally knock a hole in something then you fix it the way it was. If you don’t have the materials then leave a note explaining what happened and replace the materials before you do anything else.

Creeper damage counts as griefing if not repaired! Make sure you put it back exactly as it was when you got there if you get nuked by a creeper.

Those who are griefed may or may not have items replaced, however we will research requests and ban users who cause trouble.

2) Stay out of each other’s way!

Don’t build in other people’s areas or near other people’s stuff. If they’re there first then it’s their territory. =)

“Helping” them build also counts as griefing and a violation of rule 2. If they don’t specifically ask you to do something in a specific way then DON’T DO IT.

3) No glitching or Cheating Mods!

Don’t abuse bugs/glitches in the game that make the game unfair for others and especially not if they cause lag or crashes.  Mods that allow flying, unfair play or modification of the game to create an unfair advantage are not allowed.

The following below are examples and is not an all inclusive list.

  • Not Allowed:  XRay Mods/Texture Packs, Flying.
  • Approved Mods:  Mini Map.

4) Keep the server tidy!

If you abandon any claim, you must clear your claim completely from sky to ground level. Please return the area to a natural habitat. If you decided to claim any area that has been abandoned to gather materials, you must clear the entire area from sky to ground level.

5) Do not spawn any Withers in the Main Map Overworld, The Nether or The End*

With the new 1.4 update, Withers could be spawned by players, however due to the use of our Grief Prevention plugin, they will not cause any damage and will become more of an annoyance then anything else.  Any player who is caught spawning a Wither in the Main Map Overworld, Nether and “The End”, will be banned.

*Withers are ONLY allowed to be spawned in Resource Maps in order to obtain Nether Stars.

6) Building outside your claimed area is at “Your Own Risk”

If you are building and you are out of claim blocks, anything you build outside of that area is at your own risk.   It is strongly suggested that you claim your entire build to prevent griefing and damage.  Since is very difficult to prove, the

7) Rulings, Language, Respect and Spirit of the Server

Our server is what we consider “Family Friendly”, we ask that you use polite language and respect others.  We will not tolerate bad behavior, being mean to other players, harassment, racism and bad language.   In other words be nice….and respectful to all players and moderators.

This also includes naming of items that could be considered in a bad light and in terrible taste.  (In other words, negative, derogatory, terms will not allowed on ANY items.  Horses, Tools, Pets, etc.)

The Moderators (in Red , Green and Gold text) in the server make rulings on these rules daily.   They are not the exact letter of rules….but really a spirit.   If a Moderator determines a rule violation has been made, then they will rule accordingly.

Any situation that arises that is not covered specifically by a rule or falls under a gray area, will be ruled upon that moderator making that ruling.   All Moderator and Administrator rulings are final, even if they are outside the full scope.   When in doubt…ASK!!! :)


If you have been banned or jailed from the Minecraft Me Public Server:  Click here!

Rules and Griefing Research:  Please use the Minecraft Me Public Server Research Form.


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