GGW #213: Shwoodzarian!

Not just one, but two special guests!  We welcome Brian Brushwood and Andrew Zarian on this show this week to discuss the latest geek and gaming topics to include the new changes coming to G4 television, Kindle Fire HD, Valve launching the Big Picture, will the WiiU keep Nintendo in the console game in the future and much much more!

Show notes at:

Hosts: Chase Nunes and Jon Kessler


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Show Notes

Geek News:

From G4 To “GQ”? Pop-Culture Channel To Be Rebooted As “Guy-Centric”

Amazon’s 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD impressions

Microsoft: Bing Will Be Default Search Engine on Kindle Fire HD

New iPhone to Support LTE

Apple ‘to drop iPhone 3GS’

Why Texas’ Insanely Fast 85 MPH Speed Limit Isn’t A Big Deal

Pandora May Face Web Radio Competition From Apple – Shares Already Tumble


Gaming News:

Valve launches ‘Big Picture’ beta on Monday

Study – 63% of women polled report being harassed while gaming online

Nintendo’s Imminent Wii U Hurdles Presents Tecmo Super Bowl 2013

Madden NFL 13 sells 1.65 million copies in first week

Kinect Gets a Price Cut

Dreamcast Birthday


Picks of the Week!

Sword Art Online – Jon

Instructables – Chase

Signnow Ipad app – Andrew

TF2: Mann vs. Machine – Brian

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