GeekGamer.TV to broadcast PAPA Circuit Final!


GeekGamer.TV teams up with the Professional & Amateur Pinball Association to provide event coverage!

April 3, 2013 – Seattle, WA – Geek Gamer Network (GeekGamer.TV) is proud to announce LIVE and UNEDITED coverage of the Professional & Amateur Pinball Associations’s (PAPA) first ever Circuit Event Final LIVE from the PAPA Facility in Scott Township, PA on Thursday, April 11th, 2013 beginning at 9:30am ET/6:30am PT at LIVE.GEEKGAMER.TV

Professional pinball players from all over the world will be competing for big cash money and the title of the first ever PAPA Circuit Champion!

The PAPA Tournament Circuit operated in North America and featured tournaments that have been carefully selected to provide the highest quality competitive experience available, scheduled throughout the past year.  The intent of the Tournament Circuit is to improve pinball tournaments worldwide, and to annually reward the best overall players.

The Circuit Final consists of two phases. The Endurance phase is a series of four-player games, always featuring the lowest four remaining qualified players. In each game, the first-place player wins $100. The last-place player is eliminated, to be replaced by the next qualifier. Higher qualifiers will need to survive fewer games, and the top qualifier will advance directly to the Marathon phase.

The final four players advance to the Marathon phase, which plays like PAPA finals (4-2-1-0 scoring). Its name comes from its length: this will be a seven game final. Like Endurance, the winner of each game wins $100, in addition to the cash prize each finalist will receive.   Over $ 10,000 in cash prizes will be awarded on this day!

Coverage will consist of multiple camera angles, commentating, exclusive interviews and more.  Streaming will be brought to you by UStream!  As the world’s fastest-growing and largest live streaming platform with over 50 million unique monthly viewers and a network of produced and user-generated content, Ustream is fundamentally reshaping online media and the perfect partner to assist in showcasing this event to our audience.

Interested companies who would like to sponsor segments of the LIVE coverage are encouraged to contact GeekGamer.TV’s Founder, Chase Nunes at  Title sponsor and segment slots are still available.

This is a big move for pinball and GeekGamer.TV will be there!


Contact Information:

Chase Nunes


(360) 474-7323


Twitter: @GeekGamerTV




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About Professional Amateur Pinball Association


PAPA, the Professional & Amateur Pinball Association, was founded by Steve Epstein at his world-famous Broadway Arcade in New York City. Steve ran six world championships, with the last one being held in Las Vegas, before retiring and passing the reins to Kevin Martin.

In Steve’s own words:

The beginning of what was to become PAPA began in the late 1970’s when Roger Sharpe along with a third player Lionel Martinez started keeping track of our competition together. We logged over 10,000 sets of games over a four/five year period. From that data we developed the league scoring system used in the first PAPA league play around 1985/1986. This lead to the tournaments in the early 1990’s. I guess meeting Roger at the Arcade in 1975 and starting to play together on a daily basis not only led to a great and lasting friendship, but to the world of competitive pinball.

Our Goals

Since 1991, PAPA has run an extensive list of tournaments. Our goal is to create and promote the world’s greatest pinball tournaments, encouraging friendly competition and the spread of enthusiasm for pinball. Towards that end, we have created ourTournament Circuit, built up two world-class annual tournaments, and enhanced the Pinball Archive with its video collection.

In December 2012, the entire collection of pinball machines and other arcade games housed at the PAPA facility was donated to Replay Foundation, which will continue to operate the machines through PAPA for our tournaments.

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