Picks of the Week

Let’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum

Joseph Falbey talks about the new project to build a Tesla Museum!

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PreSonus StudioLive

Jase Rossi comes on Geek Gamer Weekly to chat about the PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 Digital Audio Mixer.

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Pair with Pear – Pick of the Week!

With Apple possibly changing the dock connector with the future iPhone, what are you going to do? You have loads of dock-connector devices that you want to use, and this project will make that easier for you, with a product called “Pear”.

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Picks of the Week #196

Did you miss the past episode 196 of Geek Gamer Weekly, but still want to know what we picked? Worry no longer! Here is what we picked from episode 196!

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Picks of the Week! #194

These picks from Geek Gamer Weekly #194 should really fix your appetite for Movies, Productivity and Gaming! Enjoy!

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Picks of the Week for GGW: #178

Here are our Picks of the Week for Episode 178 of Geek Gamer Weekly! Arrested Development Returns! From Google News:  On Sunday afternoon, I was browsing Twitter just as I normally do, but a few minutes into my routine I read a Tweet different from all the rest. Faster than I could say “Annyong,” my […]

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Picks of the Week for GGW: #177

Hello Everyone! A new feature of Geek Gamer Weekly is our “Picks of the Week” – The picks are revealed during our show and will be cut out and added to this site on a weekly basis!  This is VIDEO ONLY feature and will not be posted to iTunes.  Only to our YouTube channel and […]

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