CES 2014

Dr. Amy – Buzzy

On an evening after the Exhibition Hall closed, we met up with Dr. Amy to find out more about her awesome invention about drug free pain relief. What she didn’t know is that this was also an experiment of mobile broadcasting at it’s finest. What you are about the see is raw and real.

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Project Christine

One of the biggest things to come out of CES 2014 is about gaming and a concept. We had a chance to chat with Kevin from Razer to tell us about Project: Christine.

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Keymander from IOGEAR

Wouldn’t it be nice to finally play FPS’s easily on a console using a keyboard and mouse? Well IOGEAR is making it easy and possible with the Keymander!

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Plantronics RIG

Communication is very important in gaming, especially when you are thick into a big firefight and are chatting at your squad-mates. What if then you get a phone call? Well, Plantronics: RIG might be the answer for you!

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Stern Pinball

Stern Pinball, makers of awesome pinball games like Tron, AC/DC and Star Trek was at the CES Show showing off their latest and greatest! We had a chance to speak with Gary Stern to talk about the present and what is coming up in 2014!

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Podcasters, Broadcasters and those who use Skype for video knows the importance of having crisp and solid video. We have been waiting for companies to begin producing USB 3.0 cameras.

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Sinister by Tivitas

The Sinister by Tivitas is the first of it’s kind controller for PC and Linux that has full customization and haptic feedback for the user. We had a chance to chat with Chris from Tivitas to talk with us about this new product coming soon for gamers.

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