Getting Back Into Pinball Streaming and Life

With my recent announcement in getting back into Pinball Streaming, I want to take this opportunity to address the ongoing rumor and stories that seem to come up when I start getting back involved with Pinball, Streaming and the community in general or when Pinburgh comes around.

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Orwell has been out over a year and is slowly picking up steam as the game to play if you are interested in the inside workings of how surveillance works in the modern world.  You take the role of “Big Brother” in trying to solve terrorism cases and keeping The Nation safe.

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Invisible Hand

Showing at PAX West 2017 for the very first time, it’s The Invisible Hand.  The Invisible Hand is a stock trading game that the player takes the role at the “Hedge Fund Manager” if you will and your goal is to try as make as much money as you can for yourself and your company.  Beware though, your decisions could have direct effect on what is happening in your world!

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Ship It

For the first time, a VR title was selected for the PAX 10 at PAX West 2017!  The name of the game is Ship It, a very fast paced VR game that is easy to pick up and play, yet hard enough to get you to come back and play again and again!

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Super Soul Bros.

Bandland is one of the coolest places of PAX West, because you have the awesome chance to hear some really kick ass sound, and usually that sound relates to something Geeky or Gaming related.  This year, one of the bands that showed up was Super Soul Bros.

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No Heroes Here

Part of the PAX 10 @ PAX West 2017, No Heroes Here is a 2D co-op game (both online and local) for 2 to 4 players mixing Castle Defense with crafting and platform, all in beautiful Pixel Art style. Our goal is for the players to experience a frantic co-op game where their communication and coordination is the greatest key to victory.

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