I have had the great honor in guesting and being interviewed on many topics from Technology to Gaming, and from Podcasting to Pop Culture!  Below is a list of some of the great shows I have been on!  If would like to bring me on your show, please feel free to reach out on Twitter or just use the contact form to contact me.

GeekGamer.TV has also received some awesome coverage on other gaming, technology and hobby sites!  Below you will find a sample of those as well!

Thank you again for supporting me and GeekGamer.TV!  This community continues to get bigger and bigger and better and better all the time!

– Chase


More to be added soon!  (as I find back links!)

News and Stories Involving GeekGamer.TV

Fun With Bonus – Pinball Spotlight

The Greatest Game of Jackbot Ever!

NW Pinball Championship Coverage

Fun With Bonus – Stern Pinball

How to Play Pinball – PAX Prime 

ACME Minecraft Pack Review

Red Robot Labs – PAX



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