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Getting Back Into Pinball Streaming and Life

With my recent announcement in getting back into Pinball Streaming, I want to take this opportunity to address the ongoing rumor and stories that seem to come up when I start getting back involved with Pinball, Streaming and the community in general or when Pinburgh comes around.

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Stern Pinball

Stern Pinball, makers of awesome pinball games like Tron, AC/DC and Star Trek was at the CES Show showing off their latest and greatest! We had a chance to speak with Gary Stern to talk about the present and what is coming up in 2014!

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How to play Pinball – a PAX Prime Panel!

Playing pinball—isn’t that just flipping and flailing, hoping the ball hits some targets before it hopelessly goes down the middle? NO! World Champion Bowen Kerins and special guests will teach you how to make shots, stop the ball, and push the machine around to your advantage. Participants will play live on stage for prizes, and we’ll discuss the emerging PAPA TV effort to broadcast competitive pinball.

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Geek Gamer Pinball

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GGW #231: Hey, it’s only Pinball!

On this episode, it’s wall-to-wall pinball as we discuss the state of pinball, machines, tournaments, everything you can think of and more with some of the all-stars in the pinball world!

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NW Pinball & Arcade Show 2012 Tournament Results!

Results! Below are the 2012 NW Pinball and Arcade Show IFPA Tournament Results.  Scores are not listed right now, but I wanted to get the rankings out as soon as humanly possible!  So here they are! NW Pinball and Arcade Show Tournament Rank Name 1 Dave Stewart 2 Matt Cohn 3 Joe Said 4 Jody […]

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E3 2012: Wizard of Oz Pinball

Jersey Jack Pinball’s Jack Guarnieri talked with Chase Nunes of GeekGamer.TV to discuss the upcoming Wizard of Oz pinball machine and why they are at E3 2012 showing the machine! And there is exclusive video of the animation movies of the backglass in this interview as well! Truly a special treat! 🙂

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