This is Update #3 (9/10/2014) – for previous updates, please read below.  It also explains why the site looks different and is in “Recovery Mode”

Update 3:

We have sent the hard-drives out for data recovery. If they are recoverable, then win! If they are not, the rebuild process of the website will begin.

Thanks again to all of you who reached out to assist. If I have to rebuild the site, I will probably call on you WordPress, Boxee and Roku experts to assist, because all those things will have to be rebuilt.

The good news also is that, the main media files (video, hd video and audio) backups are complete, it’s the website, images, design modifications and other smaller things that make it a website tick (are not backed up).

Thats all for now. Love you guys!




On September 7th, 2014 –  the entire GeekGamer.TV website, forums, files were deleted.  What you are seeing is a very old version and backup from 2013.

The deletion occurred due to an issue with cPanel, our backend support platform panel that runs on that server. Because of that deletion, the entire directory which housed the family of GGTV sites were eliminated.

The Minecraft Me Public Server is SAFE and ALL YOUR CREATIONS are FINE.

They are on different server and was unaffected by this. I have been working with Joe and other awesome friends of the community in hopes of restoring over 9 years of work. Right now, the outlook is unknown.

We thought we had proper and current backup systems in place, but sadly, they were not functioning at the time of the deletion.

So right now, everything is gone. We hope to get it back, but only time will tell. Right now, we are exhausting every possible option.

Please follow @GeekGamerTV on Twitter for updates.

Thanks for your ongoing support for the show and network.

It means a lot.

Thank you,

Chase Nunes

Update 1 (9/8/2014):  

The site is pretty much lost, but here is the good news/bad news:


Media files (Videos and MP3’s)  from the past 2 years or so are available for restore.

SQL Databases (that contain the information for the web site and forums) were backed up (in a separate folder) and when we rebuild the website, we should be able to use them to restore that data.  Granted things will still be broken because of wordpress plugin dependencies, but we have the “content” and posts from the forums intact.

Everything from the past 1.5 years is on YouTube, so you can see stuff there.  Including the latest from PAX and GGW.

Minecraft server is unaffected by this outage.


Will have to rebuild the entire site and structure.  This includes WordPress, the themes, reuploading media, everything.

Podcast feeds might break.  Will have to repair that.

Roku and Boxee app is broken

Implement new backup procedures. (duh)

All shows and “new” content production will be on hiatus until the webhome is back on solid ground.

This whole process could take weeks.  I’m just one guy and mostly everyone that is assisting me is volunteers (that also have full time jobs).  This rebuild will be a very very slow process.  Again. I have no idea how long this will take.  

If you are interested in assisting in this process, please feel free to contact me directly at: sirchaos (a t )

Next update should come tomorrow 9/9/2014.

Thanks everyone,


Update 2 (9/9/2014 – Dreamcast Day)

Update 2:

Forums are BACK!
Performance will be slow because the forums are up on a backup server with lower bandwidth. FYI

Last 3 Episodes of Minecraft Me are backup on the same “backup site” – Performance will be slow, but they are there: — More will be posted by this evening (hopefully)

We are still attempting to recover media and file structure before we rebuild on the normal server.

Thanks again to all of you who have offered support, it’s sincerely appreciated.

– Chase


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  • castle maker 07

    Chase im so sorry to hear this…it must be heart breaking…but the website is up! that means Progress! (right?) if theres anything i can do please ask!

  • Evan Kearney

    Glad to see there are some good things, however I know there’s a lot of bad things here too. I’ll bet there will be many in the community willing to help in any way that they can.

  • castle maker 07

    Awesome I got a pot message for ep 66!

  • the_rebel14

    Wow. Here I am coming to see if anyone over here had heard about Microsoft (possibly) buying Mojang and the whole site is on life support! I’m sorry that this happened! I hope that everything can be brought back to it’s former glory. As Castle Maker said, if there’s anything I can do to help just let me know.

  • Lucy_Pevensie

    I am so sorry all the files got deleted! I hope everything will be okay. Thank you for the Minecraft Me Server! ~Lucy = )

  • Bonekinz

    Wow had no idea this happened while I went away for a bit. :(